Friday, February 10, 2012

Potty Training Day 1 - I survived.

Ya'll I'm so tired.  Like physically, mentally, emotionally exhausted!  I think today was harder on this pregnant momma than on Langley.

If you are not interested in potty talk, stop reading.  I'm going to list how today went, mostly for my own memory and just to help me process today and see what I need to change/altar. 

As with most parenting decisions (sleep training, paci, feeding issues, etc) I have consulted some books and other parents and have formed my own plan that best works for us for potty training.  Some people do this in 1 day, 3 days, or dont attempt until 3 years old.  I feel like the timing is right for Langley.  She has displayed several signs of readiness, being 2 weeks from 2 years old.

7:00 am - wake up, take off wet diaper, sat on potty
7:30 - breakfast
7:45 - wet pants, sat on potty
8:05 - pooped pants
8:30 - sat on potty
8:45 - " "
9:10 - " "
10:00 - " "
10:20 - " "
11:00 - " "
11:30 - " "
11:35- lunch
11:45 - wet pants
1:00 pm - POOPED IN POTTY!
1:20 - sat on potty
1:30 - 4:00 - "naptime = mostly screaming, finally fell asleep at 3"  wore pull-up
4:00 - sat on potty
4:05 - wet pants
4:15 - snack and drink
5:10 - wet pants (on our way to the potty)
5:55 - wet pants
6:15 - sat on potty
6:45 - mommy gave up, started bedtime routine.

*For 2 days now, she's done the maniac marathon screaming during nap time and I feel like that made today harder.  A well-rested Langley always functions better.  I have no idea what this is about.  Hopefully it's short-lived.

*This has nothing to do with potty training, but the Eagles went 2-0 this week!  Another conference win, finally!

*Josh stayed with Langley for about 2 hours mid-morning while I went to Walmart and ran some errands.  In that time he taught her to say "shoot!"  It was not on purpose. She peed in the recliner and apparently that was his first reaction.  When she says it, it sounds like sh*t.  FANTASTIC.  So, every time she's wet her pants since then, she yells "shoot!"  And I can't laugh, I have to pretend I don't hear it.  Ya'll pray for me.

*I definitely got discouraged at times today, but stayed very positive with her regarding potty issues.  I was encouraged that "the book" says "the goal for this first day is learning to sit on the potty at your direction, rather than looking for results...the simple behavior of going to the bathroom...will...set a successful pattern."  Thank goodness, because the child only got 1 sticker on the potty chart today!

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Becky said...

That whole post just made me laugh. And then shudder. Ty's on the brink too. He asks to sit on the potty several times a day, but doesn't go except at bathtime when the water is running. Today he told me he had a dirty diaper and then ran to his room. Before I got in there he had his pants and diaper off, and was laying on the rug with his (un-clean) backside. *Sigh.* I'm going to be praying for you guys tomorrow! :)