Sunday, February 12, 2012

Potty Training Day 3 - Monitor and Adjust

So, potty training bootcamp is officially over.  Langley is NOT potty trained, not even close.  But, we all learned some things from the experience and we will continue to move forward, not returning to diapers.

For now, Langley wears panties and we go sit on the potty every hour while we are home.  She will continue to nap and bedtime in a pull up.  If we need to go out for extended periods of time or other circumstances arise where it is best for MY mental health that she wears a pull up, that's what we'll do.  I don't call them pull ups, just panties like her normal panties.  I don't make a deal out of them being any different.  I know she can tell a difference, but I pretend like there isn't one. 

We also removed the little potty and just use a potty seat on the normal toilet.  This has improved her attitude about trying to potty immensley!  She still has not peed in the potty.  There may be a fear, or just complete lack of understanding, or pure stubborness.  I honestly can't tell at this point.

We all feel so much better that these 3 days are over.  Yes, I felt very defeated - like a failure- but if the kid isn't ready, she just isn't ready.  She's not even 2.  I will try this 3 day approach again in 6 months or so, if she doesn't show any interest before then.

Thanks for reading our journey!  I will post about something other than using the bathroom next time!

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