Sunday, February 12, 2012

The 23rd Month: February 8-12

Feb 8:  I took about 25 pictures and this one pretty much the only one where she was facing the camera and had a semi-pleasant look on her face.  She was playing and did not want to be bothered with pictures!

Feb 9:  Love a clean baby!

Feb 10:  The first few hours of potty bootcamp.  She had just had a bath, hence the beautiful clean hair, and was sitting pantless on a pallet watching a show.

Feb 11:  I didn't take a picture this day, just another one from the 9th of a happy girl in the tub.

Feb 12:  We went to daddy's gym to get out some energy.  It is too cold to play outside so he broke out some fun stuff including the parachute!

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