Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I feel like I've really only done 2 things today; 1) go to Walmart, 2) remain on hold with my health insurance company. Sounds super fun, huh?

Langley and I had a good trip to WM. She was quiet and alert until she gave it up and took a nap. Tuesday morning is a good time to go...there were few people but the shelves were stocked. As I was checking out, I man in a motorized cart got in line behind me. I kind of get nervous around those carts. Remember my traumatic Kroger experience? Anyway, he was a talker, you know the type, had a comment about what you purchase, or just won't stop talking in general. I'm not a big talker in Walmart. Period. Unless I know you well. Otherwise, I just do a polite "hello," "fine, thanks," or "have a good day." So, the talkative gentleman in the motorized cart proceeded to comment about all the Great Value products I purchased, he has "never found one that he didn't like" and we "must save thousands of dollars a year" buying generic. Well, then I proceeded to blow his mind by presenting my coupons to the checker. The man's response to me: "you are the epitome of smart."

I laughed all the way to the car. I replayed my whole situation and got tickled because of what I said before pushing my cart full of groceries and a baby away, "you do whatcha got to do." Seriously? Do I think I'm on a Madea movie? I guess I just panicked and needed to say something before getting the heck out of the store without him following me :-)
I wonder how many years it will be until Langley thinks I am the "epitome of uncool" moms? Until then, I shall remain the "epitome of smart" by buying some generic products and using coupons. Who knew it was so easy?

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