Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Playing and Just Being CUTE!

Langley has really started to be interested in toys. I brought her favorite one with us today to WM and she played with it the entire time. I may have the best baby ever.
From the pictures above, apparently I've dressed her in green a lot this week. I took the last picture before we headed to lunch today. We met Nanny, Robert, and the bus travelers at Marketplace. L was so good, and the everyone loved her! It was our second trip to Marketplace this week. We met David and Vicki, aka Pawpaw and Nanna there Sunday for lunch after church!
The girl can entertain herself pretty well, which I'm thankful for. The playmat or a toy can always buy me a few more minutes - which I've really needed this week because I've been working on my home office/guest room everyday. It has taken forever, but maybe it's almost done, that is if I survive the massive picture hanging project I've started in there.

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