Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Monday

I have not gotten much done today. I think I need a baby bjorn. I just don't have many moments to do chores especially now that she stays awake longer. Her daytime naps are still pretty short and I usually waste most of nap time reading blogs or checking facebook - I'm just being honest. Maybe I could save myself $100 (or however much the bjorn thing costs) and use my time more wisely....there's a thought.

Tonight I got the opportunity to go out to our church's childrens camp for a little while. They had a short worship service. Langley was not too sure about all the noise. All the little girl squeals and high-pitched screams kind of scared her. But, she liked the music and smiled at her daddy and all the kids she saw. Speaking of Josh, he has worked hard today. He was soaking wet with sweat, dirty, and very sunburnt. I am proud of him. He is good with kids that age and he is very handy to have around for physical labor jobs :-)

Our church has a great staff . They all worked very hard planning this camp and being able to offer it free of charge to any kid who signed up. A good percentage of the kids at camp don't go to our church or any church at all. Some may not be able to have "summer camp" experience again. I am grateful for my church family and our leaders. When I was getting in the car to leave, our Children's Minister came over to say hi and see Langley and told us she had just gotten to pray with a little girl to ask Jesus into her heart. Isn't that awesome?! As Josh said, "that makes all the sweat worth it."

All the sweat, sun burns, and ticks. Oh the ticks, I have a story about a tick - but I have to get permission to share with the blog world. Rest assured, it is hilarious.

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The Cates Fam said...

hey...if you send me your address, i'll send you our baby bjorn.