Sunday, June 27, 2010

This should be a very long post

We've done a lot of fun things the past week, but unfortunately I had a headache which began Thursday evening and did not end until lunch time today - SUNDAY. It's a miracle I didn't overdose on Excedrin Migraine, Aleve, or Tylenol PM. Not sure what caused it, I think it's hormonal. I've struggled with headaches before, but the my regular doctor couldn't find anything wrong and my OB/GYN did not think it had anything to do with taking birth control. Sorry if this is becoming TMI. I had no migraines during pregnancy - thank you Jesus! But, now that I'm getting all regulated, I really do think hormones have something to do with my headaches. Anyway, it's gone, and some good times were had in the 3 days my head was throbbing. I am sad I had to miss a girls night with my life group Friday, but I just knew I wouldnt be very good company.

The past week we saw Nanny, Sharon, Lawson, and Cole. Josh decided to sell something on Craigslist and is now obsessed. He has also decided to start bow hunting. We made a flying trip to NWA Thursday afternoon so Josh could attend the All Star game. In the 20 hours we were there I got a haircut, hung out with my dad, Heather, and Brooke, and Langley went swimming in a big pool for the first time.

After I got Langley from the nursery this morning and got to the car, I realized the headache was gone, so I'm praying for a productive week ahead! I feel like I've been just existing the past few days while everyone else was living. I have grand plans of catching up on blogging, too!


The Bells said...

So sorry that you have felt bad. I had a few isolated migraines in my life before zane. Nothing regular. After I had Zane...actually, after I quit nursing and my cycle got regulated, I starting getting a migraine EVERY month! They seemed to correlate with ovulation (I'm right there with ya on the TMI). Anyway, long story short, I started taking verapamil, which is a blood pressure medication, but is also used in migraine prevention. Glory Be, I have not had ONE migraine since the day I started taking it! Just thought I'd give you a heads up on what worked for me. Hope you find some relief soon. That little girl of your is so darned precious!

Anonymous said...

We also enjoyed seeing Lanley on Sunday!! Love, nan-na and pap-pa