Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Langley has recently discovered her hands. Every time she eats, there is a hand on her head. Josh says she claws his arms when he feeds her. I guess his arms are hairy enough that she gets confused :-)

Her hands are often clasped together and she studies them.

She also has her hands in her mouth a lot, which makes me a little bit of a germaphobe. Every time someone touches her hands (which then immediatley go in her mouth) I wonder what they've been touching or if they've washed their hands. So, please have clean hands if you play with my daughter, if you're not sure how clean they are, then try to avoid touching her hands or face. Thanks and have a nice day!
Anyway, we laugh every time she eats and "assumes the position" with her left hand on her head. I've also caught her napping a few times with both hands behind her head. Hilarious.

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