Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Swim

  • Josh got in the pool with Langley first (so I could take some pictures.) I think she was a little cold at first and thinking "where am I?" but she did not cry and even managed some smiles.
  • Josh was so cautious with her. He got a little uptight when some kids came in and starting splashing around. Langley just looked at them with huge eyes.
  • I held her and submerged her a little more. Her head got wet, but I didn't put her under. I could tell she would float easily, but she definitely wanted to be held close.
  • This one-piece bathing suit is too tight for her. She's worn it a total of 2 times.
  • Swim diapers were a good investment.
  • There is not a bathing suit on the planet that would allow me to get in front of a camera. God Bless the tankini. If my body ever looks good enough to wear a two piece bathing suit again in my life, I would consider posting it on here to demonstrate a miracle of the Lord.
  • All in all, another great first experience with our girl!

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