Monday, July 5, 2010

4 Months Old!

The last month has been great with Langley Elizabeth! She has grown a lot and has been such a good baby. We go to the doctor later in the week so I'll post her actual stats then, but according to my scale she weighs 15 pounds.

- She eats 6 oz. 5 times a day (8, 11, 2, 5, 8.)

- Sleeps 11 hours on average. You know she has slept well or had a good nap when she greets you with a HUGE smile and excited shreiks and kicks - seriously, it is so sweet!

- Talks a lot! Makes noises, laughs, and fake coughs. She talked the entire way from Conway to Benton. Did -not-shut-up. It's hilarious now, but ...

- She has rolled over once. We practice a lot, but she just gets to her side and stops. She can also scoot anywhere and turn in a circle wherever you lay her down.

- She likes toys more and is noticing Henry more.

- She's about to outgrow her swing, but we have entered the world of the exersaucer and she can spend about 10 mintues at a time in it.

- She loves to stand up! She'll grin so big and looks so proud of herself. She can also sit in the bumbo for a good stretch of time.

- She drools alot, I think teething will start soon.

Langley is such a joy! We are still figuring out the "stay at home mommy" thing because it takes me forever to get anything done. But I rarely fill guilty because she needs me and loves to spend time with her mom a this point in life - so I take advantage of it!

Here are some outtakes from the 4 month photo shoot. Please note her outfit, it was very festive, but too small. I had to put it away as soon as the pictures were over - at least she wore it once, right? Also note the drool - oh the drool!

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