Thursday, July 22, 2010


As I am rejoicing over the end of a week-and-a-half of daily, uncontrollable, unconsolable, crying/screaming episodes Langley was having, I am remembering. What am I remembering? We'll get to that in a second. Let's go back to the above-mentioned episodes.

I'm pretty sure it was a growth spurt, due to the fact that the last 2 days she has been an angel and slept -I mean hardcore 1 hour+ naps, 4 times a day- alot. I battled with her for over a week and had become very worn down. Let's just say I lacked patience with her (which I know did not help the situation.) I was emotionally exhausted, often crying with her when she didn't want to be held or put down, or inside or outside, or ... I was physically exhausted from her throwing her 15 pound self back or burrowing on me or constantly trying to rock, bounce, hold her. It's a miracle - she's like a new child. She's had a couple of rough growth spurts. Three weeks old was a fun one. Not.

Anyway, what am I remembering today? July 22, 2009. The day we first saw Langley and heard her heart beat. I was 8 weeks pregnant. A miracle - plain and simple. I did not cry in the doctor's office. I guess I was in shock, even though I had known I was pregnant for almost 4 weeks, and I was ending a 2 week bout of daily, violent, vomitting. It was the most beautiful little blob with a heartbeat ever created :-)

What a miracle it has been to see her grow inside of me and outside.

I hope I always remember July 22. I hope I always remember trying to call my mom over and over, and finally calling Nanny's cell phone (they were in a different state at an Air Show I believe.) I say "hey Nanny! I'm having a baby!" Her response, "have you talked to your mom?" and I think she dropped the phone and started crying. Just classic.

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