Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Home For a Minute

Josh had to do some recruiting last week in SW Arkansas, so we decided to tag along and see the fam.

Langley was a good traveler, and even slept really well despite me finding her like this...

On Friday, Josh and I got 4 glorious hours alone. 2 spent driving and 2 spent at my aunt and uncle's pool. The weather was perfect and it was good to have a date while we had a free babysitter! I got very sunburned!

Langley got a exersaucer on this trip. Thank goodness Amber put it together, because it probably would have taken me forever. She really likes it, but it overwhelms her because she can't decide what she wants to look at and play with. I have to put books underneath her feet because she still a little too short.

Henry even got to make the trip and he did great! Our dog is high strung. He gets very excited very easily. But the answer to our crazy dog is a 10 foot leash made for a 60 pound dog. He is able to walk around, and not run away, but the leash subdues him when he is outside. Weird, but it works!

At my mom's house he LOVES looking out the big front window. At night when the curtains are drawn he will stick his head in between and still try to look out.

Poor thing, he's not too bright. He managed to wind himself and get stuck around tables and chairs when we stopped in Magnet. He just so social, he can't stand being left out. He has to stay on the leash there because there's always people going in and out and I stress myself out wondering where he is or if he's going to get eaten by another dog.

We had a fun trip! It was great to see our parents and family!

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