Monday, July 5, 2010

Family, Friends, Fun, and Fireworks - that's the 4th.

For the 4th of July we went to church (slept in a little and didn't make it to Life Group,) and stayed for our church cookout at lunch. Langley had a precious red, white, and blue dress so she was festive for the occasion. I got teary eyed during the worship service as we sang "God Bless America."

During the afternoon we just hung out at home. I worked on my office/guest room, we played the Wii, I went to WM, and Josh grilled. We didn't get any fireworks or even see any - I know, lame. Langley went to bed at her normal time and slept through all the ones we heard in our neighborhood. Henry, on the other hand, was scared.

My little All-American girl!

Here is Langley looking patriotic on Saturday at my mom's house.

PS. If you know what the title of this post is from, then we can probably be friends :-)

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