Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Out of State

First of all, thank you for the great comments on the last post! You all were very helpful and encouraging! I'll keep you posted as I figure it all out!

Monday afternoon we loaded up and headed to Mississippi! This was Langley's first trip out of Arkansas, and technically we hit up 2 states (had to go through Memphis.) I was a horrible and only took 2 pictures the entire trip. But, give me a break, it was a quick trip.

We had a blast with our friends the Parkers! It was neat getting to see their new home and college. It's nice to have friends with very similar lifestyles and interests.

We got there Monday night and Becky made us dinner and we got to visit inbetween taking care of children and getting them to bed. We ended the night watching the Office, so really, how could we go wrong with these folks?

Langley was a great traveler, but she was ready to get out of the car. She slept great and acted pretty good. I think she was trying to impress her boyfriend :-) Ty impressed Langley with his rolling skills. In fact, she has rolled over 10 times today - yes I counted. Considering when she woke up this morning she had only rolled over 8 times in her entire life, I think she learned a few things from little Ty.

Tuesday morning our little family drove about 45 minutes to go sign a JV player and then headed back to the Parker's. We all went to Blue Mountain College for a tour. I took a picture of part of our caravan around campus. I didn't even know any of the girls noticed me taking their picture, but see Halle smiling in the back? So cute!

After our tour of campus, which is nice by the way, we all loaded back up and ate lunch at McAllister's together before the Austin's had to come back to Arkansas. I told you it was a fast and fun trip!

Thank you for everything Parker's you were great hosts!

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