Tuesday, April 17, 2012

37 Weeks! Full Term!! Not Much Longer!

She definitely has more active times of the day and some nap times.  At this point when she is really moving and shaking it kind of hurts.  Occasionally gets the hiccups at night.  She has dropped a little so I can breathe most of the time.

I've been sleeping pretty well!  I make myself stay awake until 10 pm and then I can sleep until 5 or 6 am - sometimes longer!  I don't sleep a couple of times a week, no real reason, just can't turn off my mind or get comfortable.

My blood pressure is still good, no swelling.  I'm either starving or can't eat anything depending on where she is laying.  Nesting like crazy.  It's getting hard to move around and do normal things, I get tired quickly, and can't stay in one position very long.  I'm kind of achy and crampy but no strong braxton hicks contractions.

Nothing consistent.  I've had my obsessions with little debbie fudge brownies, any kind of ice cream or shake, trail mix, sweets of all kinds, mexican.  Currently, I want whatever I don't have to cook :-)

Weight Gain:  23 pounds.

Progress:  I am dialated to 1 cm and "pretty thinned out" according to my doctor yesterday.  Induction has been scheduled for May 1!! All I really have left to do is pack my bag (tomorrow is laundry day!)

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Anonymous said...

Poor Henry....he's confused.