Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Filling the Days at 36 weeks.

My mom came up to visit and kept Langley for us while Josh and I went to Jonesboro.  It was a great day; first I found some new teny shoes(running, tennis, athletic shoes?  I just spelled it the way I say it!!) and they are so comfortable and in my budget!

I then went to WM and got my glasses fixed.  I fall asleep in my glasses every night and they were so crooked and loose that they fell off my face every time I looked down.  I walked in the optical center, told them that I didn't buy my glasses there but I just needed them fixed, the lady was super nice, adjusted them, brought them back to me and told me it was FREE!

Next, we had a lunch date a Fuji.  Amen.

Then, we went to Lifeway because I needed a quick devotional to use after Aubrey is born and my time is very limited.

My doctor's appointment was at 2.  When we got there the front desk girl told me my doctor wouldn't be back until 3 so I could wait or schedule another appointment.  Um, no.  I asked to see another doctor.  This turned out to be a great decision, because even though I have never seen a MAN ob/gyn, I actually liked him better than my regular doctor and we got out of there without having to wait an eternity!!  I was so glad Josh was with me.  Everything is good...gained 22 pounds, no progress, but he said he would induce at 39 weeks (April 30) for sure - BUT I will have to confirm this with my actual doctor.  He also said I need to use my best judgement about traveling to Conway on the 28th when Josh is inducted to the CBC Sports Hall of Fame.

We ended our trip with a stop at Sam's.  It was seriously such a good day and so wonderful to get to spend some time with my man!

Tuesday -
The day stared off very frustrating.  Henry was spooked by something  and refused to go outside when I got up so he peed in the house.  I got so so mad.  I wished aloud he would die and vowed he would not come in the house the rest of the day.  The last thing I need is another being making a mess for me to clean up after.   Oh I was mad.  Then, Langley got up and threw a fit because she wanted to color.  Not eat, or drink milk, or anything but color.  She must have been staring at those markers from her bed and obsessing over it for awhile.  I could feel the frustration rising up again.  When I finally got her in the high chair to eat, she ended up leaning back so far that the chair tipped backwards.  It gashed the wall (but prevented her from getting hurt,) and as I was lecturing her for the millionth time about "this is why mommy tells you not to lean your chair back, you could have been hurt...," she slapped me in the face.  Needless to say, the morning ended with her eating dry toast for breakfast because mommy needed a time out - at 8:15.  Oh, it was a stellar start to the day.

The rest of the day was better.  I did my normal chores, finished Aubrey's room (seperate post and pictures to come!,) and we played outside.

We started our day with a WM run because we had the team over for a hot dog cookout in honor of our 3 seniors.  Other than that it was laundry day and we took naps :-)  Oh, and Langley started trying to say her own name,which is the first time I've ever heard her do this!

We have another team party coming up on Friday, so other than that we plan on hanging out and enjoying each other's company for the rest of the week.

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Becky said...

Oh, Rachel. "Tuesday" made me laugh out loud.