Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Fun

We've had a pretty good morning.  I still look forward to Fridays and the weekend, even though in reality it's like any other day as a SAHM.

I set up the tent which provided a good segment of entertainment.

 Then, she did some reading.  She was reading Dr. Seuss "The Foot Book."

So, we had to talk about our feet and toes the rest of the morning.  It didn't help her obsession that I got a pedicure last night.

Then, Langley set us up a picnic on my lap and on the couch.


Back to the feet, I decided to paint her toenails for the very first time!  She actually sat still and was so cute.  When they were done she went wild!

And of course, had to show them off to daddy!   This is my favorite picture currently.
Just lovin' life.

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