Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Our Tuesday

It is so cute when Langley says her own name "yanyee."

She is very interested in pottying.  I'm not even going there again for a few months.  So yes, she is probably ready, but no, I'm not potty training her right now.  She has asked me to watch "Elmo Goes Potty" all day.  I conned her into a veggie tales instead :-)

We missed play group today bc I wasn't sure if we had it.  Instead I had a productove morning around the house and then we ran a few errands. 

Langley got a package in the mail and wanted to wear her new bathing suit immediately.

I decided to treat us to happy meals for lunch.  Oddly, she didn't eat much.  About 1/4 of the burger and 1/2 of that tiny container of fries.  I finished both of ours off...you know, I didn't want to waste.

We had naps and then walked  waddled to the gym to see Josh for a second.

I saved our "treats" for our snack.  She had her chocolate milk and I had my reese's mcflurry!

What an exciting life we lead :-)

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