Thursday, April 12, 2012

Aubrey's Room

I really love Aubrey's room.  I didn't get the original bedding or curtains that I had in mind, but I actually like this final result more.  We don't own the house we live in so there was no painting or  changing the floor, but the room is so calm, pretty, and peaceful to me.

I also loved Langley's first room.  The two rooms are so so different, I wonder if they will reflect the girl's personalities in any way.

Here is the view looking in from the hallway.
I ordered that chair off of Amazon and it is the most comfortable thing ever!  There is a closet on the right that you can't see and we have another small dresser and a TV hidden in there.  The window is huge.  I have 4 black out curtains from WM and 2 white sheers covering it.  The wreath on the right was made by Aunt Amber and the shelf on the left is something we already had.  It holds some blocks spelling out her name and picture frame.

Everything new in the room was ordered online.  The bedding is light pink, cream, white, and a goldish color.  It is very girly, which made me nervous at first, but again, I love it!  The prints above the bed came with the bedding set.  I don't have the energy to do anything else on that wall right now.

 The changing table is great.  The top comes off and looks just like a normal dresser.  The shelves in the cabinet slide in and out which is convenient.  The bow holder above the changing table was originally another gift from Aunt Amber, but it got really messed up during the process of getting it back home so i had to redo it.  I used fabric from the window valance that came with the bedding.

 This dresser area holds the "special" things in the room.  The lamp is just from target, but the frame was another craft project for me.

I already had this frame but I painted it white, then used more fabric from the window valance to create the rosettes.
 The beads are from a necklace that belonged to my Mamaw Smith.  Love.

This arrangement that sits on the dresser is a silk bouquet my Aunt Sharon made for me to use in my bridal portraits (over 5 years ago!)   The muted colors go perfectly in the nursery and I love looking at it.  It's still in pretty good shape after all this time.

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