Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Last One?

I had what I thought was my last appointment today, but I had to schedule a final appointment for Monday morning to determine if I will start the induction process Monday night or Tuesday morning.   I have not progressed any further in the last week, so we'll see!  I hope I progress a little more so I can avoid the night before in the hospital.

I had Josh take this picture as we were rushing out the door for the appointment today.  Langley and I had been at playgroup and I had my snack for the road in my hand :-)

I have gained 24 pounds, but I'm huge!!  Which made it even more hilarious when a woman at the clinic, who was looking at me - asked if I was pregnant.  Geez louise! 

Baby Kinsley was born at 12:51 pm today so it worked out perfectly that we got to see her in the nursey and visit her mama!  Jill looked great!  (My) Josh got pumped when we were at the hospital...it's so close! 

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