Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Langley has been sick.  Started coughing last Wednesday, fever started Saturday and it got up to 104.2 in the wee hours of Sunday morning.  Thank the Lord for urgent care, she has a sinus infection and started antibiotics Sunday.  I've kept her home from school because she's been pretty puny but hasn't had fever since Sunday evening.

How pitiful does she look (eating a nutrigrain bar in our bed, in mismatched pjs?)

Last week we did a craft.  We made a necklace out of noodles and then decorated a shirt to go with it :-) 

Aubrey got in the bumbo for the first time.  She was kind of confused at first, but she likes it and sits in it every day!

Look at the eyes!  Aubrey is so pretty!  Josh and I often talk about how we still can't fathom how we produced the two most beautiful girls in the world :-)

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