Thursday, July 19, 2012

Upper GI

On Tuesday (7/17) I took Aubrey to the doctor because I, yet again, was helpless and hopeless about helping her with whatever is going on in her little body.  The screaming.  Oh, the screaming.

I cried as I described the ongoing issues, how the medicine doesnt really help, how she winces and doubles over awake and asleep, how she gags awake or asleep, how she screams like she's being stabbed in the stomach, and how she spit up black stuff the day before.  Our APN ordered an upper GI "stat."

Her appointment was at 11, I left the office after 12 and the test was at 3.  They gave me no details, other than not to feed her, so I cried and cried.  I picked up Langley early from school and thankfully, Jake and Andrew were here to care for her before my mom could get here.

The test was far less traumatic than I expected.  They undressed her and strapped her to a board that had a rocker type bottom so they could turn her on her side.  She cried while they were strapping her in, but once done, she was actually warm and cozy and did not make a sound.  Josh and I were in the corner of the room the entire time and they two women doing the test were wonderful.  One comforted her and fed her the barium through a bottle, then her regular bottle while the other did the imaging.  It didn't take long.

The test revealed no anatomical problems with her esophagus or stomach.

While we are thankful for that, that still leaves us without answers.  I took her dirty diaper in for lab work on Wednesday.  They are looking for blood.  I don't know what else.

We are praying for miraculous healing.  With or without us understanding, with or without medications or treatments.  We just want her healed.

Until we know more, we are continuing with prevacid, nutramigen, gas drops, and now adding rice cereal to each bottle.  They told me to do 2 tablespoons, but I'm only doing 1/2 a table spoon for now.  I just feel like I know her better and I wanted to see how she would tolerate a tiny amount first.  Mother's intuition.

Anyway, she's had 4 bottles with the rice cereal added and has drained them all. In previous days, she would only eat 2 or 3 oz at a time, now she's finishing 4. She's pooped once, and nothing has seemed to hurt or upset her more than normal, so I guess she is handling it well.

Waiting before the upper GI.

A cozy moment.

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The Bells said...

Rachel, that sounds heart breaking! There is nothing harder than seeing your baby in pain and being unable to fix it. Baby girl will get some extra prayers from the Bell house today!