Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pictures as Promised

It's been another rough day with the reflux :-( 

I broke down crying (with Aubrey) and called the doctor.  They have called in Prevacid, so that will start ASAP.

My sweet girls on the 4th...

Aubrey before church.  It was her first time in the church nursery.  She did well.  I loved that I could leave her in there and relax during church and life group.  I realized when we got home that was the very first time she had been away from me - ever.  She wasn't too traumatized, but looked a little confused!

Again, pictures don't do Aubrey justice.  Today one of Josh's players saw her and said she looked like a real baby doll.  She is adorable!

 Langley still loves school!  She wanted me to "take her cheese" before school yesterday.  Today she peed in the potty and took a 25 minute nap at school - we were pumped!

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