Monday, July 9, 2012


Today is one of those days.  We've had a lot going on the past few days, Aubrey has NOT felt good, I've been so tired and defeated in some areas.

I am so ready for my baby to be well.  She had her two month appointment on Thursday and we switched her to Nutramigen formula.  If she is not better at the end of this week we are switching her medicine to prevacid.

She has had some issues as she adjusts to the new formula, I'm just so ready for this to be over.  On the bright side, she sleeps through the night.  Thank you Jesus.  I watch her struggle all day so I love that she can rest and be peaceful at night.

Next blog I'll have pictures and updates on the 4th, her appointment, Langley, and our basketball camps and Aubrey's first time in the church nursery.


Becky said...

Poor little girl. We'll be praying for her (and YOU GUYS!)

Dear Addilyn said...

My little girl is 2 now but we went through the same thing. We ended up on Nutramigen also...believe me, I bought plenty 12.4 oz cans for $23!!! crazy expensive but you'll do whatever you can to help out your baby. We tried all the reflux medicines too. I remember when she would scream from the time we woke- ALL DAY LONG. My husband got home from work at 4:15. I can remember watching the clock on the stove and it said 4:17 and I was so mad that he was late!! (2 mins) I was so ready to hand her off. Wish I could tell you some magic trick..mine eventually just grew out of it. I used to get so jealous of other mom's and feel so defeated b/c I knew their newborns and babies just slept all the time and they could take them out to restraunts and eat a full meal while the baby stayed sound asleep in thei carrier amoung many other things. I couldn't do anything but walk the floors bouncing mine around. One time I layed her in her crib and watched the clock for 7 mins while she screamed...guess I just needed a few mins. Anyways, sorry this is long..just wanted to let you know you are not alone..hang in there!!