Saturday, January 1, 2011

10 Months Old in 2011!

I've already gotten teary eyed a few times thinking about planning her 1st birthday party. I must savor these next 2 months.  What a fun month this has been!  Here are a few stories and facts about my 10 month old: 

  • Langley said "momma" for the first time on December 28.  She was just playing and started saying it.  I clapped and laughed and prepared myself that she may not say it again for another 9 months!  I've heard it 2 other times since then, but everything and everyone else is mostly "dada."
  • Again on the speech front, she'll say "duck" when she's in the bathtub because she loves her rubber duckies and occasionally will say "hi" when someone walks into a room. 

  • She makes a lot of fake coughing and spitting noises, but her most famous thing is her snort.  Actually it's like a reverse snort becuase she's blowing out air not breathing in when she does it.  It's like her laugh or what she does when she's really excited.  It's cute now, but I hope she gets a new laugh because I don't her to be the "girl that snorts."
  •  Langley is understanding what "no" means and occasionally complies.  It is such a victorious feeling when she does!
  •  A recent quirk in her behavior has been the freak-out fits she throws during a diaper change.  She scatches and pinches me and pulls at my clothes.  I think a small part of this may be because she hates being cold and feeling my cold hands.  Who knows.
  •  She has had a ball wearing all of her cute new clothes and playing with all of her new toys! She loves her music table and phones and books especially.

  •  She is getting more adventurous around the house and loves for us to "chase" her!
  • Langley and Henry seem to have an on-again-off-again relationship.  Speaking of Henry, after he recovered from the spider bite, he developed 3 black spots on his side.  The hair fell out but they never bothered him.  The vet was baffled.  Hair has now started to regrow in these areas and it is black and red and coarse!  It's like he is morphing into another dog.  So, so strange!
  • We consolidated to 2 naps a day!  A good morning nap from 10-Noon, then an afternoon nap from 3-5 (ideally.)
  • And finally, Langley slept in the bed with Josh and I for the first time last week.  We were at my dads all in the same room and she woke up about 4 am, so Josh put her in between us.  I would have never gotten comfortable normally, but I had taken some tylenol pm, so I just blocked it out and slept while she rolled around and kicked me and snuggled.  Poor Josh on the other hand was miserable!  We have not and will not make this a habit!

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