Monday, January 17, 2011

5 Things

1.  I started feeling bad Friday and by Saturday afternoon I was in pain.  My ear and neck were hurting so bad I went to Prime Care late Saturday afternoon.  I had a good experience.  Medicine seems to be working.  Josh was in St. Louis, but thankfully mom had come up for the afternoon.  That night ended with Langley's nose and face bleeding from being so wet/chapped/wiped a zillion times. We both felt like crap.  I may or may not have called Josh and told him I was "in living hell" and that he "would never understand. "  And, I wonder why my child is dramatic?  The point is, we were sick.

2.  We took Langley to the doctor today because her snot situation had not really improved and she was messing with her ears.  Surprise, surprise, she has a cold and is teething.  No meds, nothing we can do, just wait it out.  I'm so glad we took her.  Now I can tell the difference between bad behavior and just feeling bad.  She got away with a lot this weekend.  I shutter to think what real teething will be like for her if she doesn't produce a tooth as a result of this misery.

3.  As soon as we walked into the Dr's Office, Langley was wired.  She talked and yelled at the other kids.  She went wild in the exam room.  It was funny, but I was a little embarrassed.

5.  She started saying "uh-oh" this weekend and it is the cutest thing!  Really, it was the only cute thing about the weekend of snot and drool and screaming and not napping. 

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