Thursday, January 13, 2011

She'SNOT feeling well.

Bucketloads of snot.  Wiping and sucking out her nose at least 5 times an hour. She can't breathe, so she can't sleep or eat normally either.  As you can imagine today has been pleasant.

Bless her heart.  She has looked so pitiful all day.  I did love that she let me rock her to sleep this afternoon, which is very rare.  But the nap only lasted 35 minutes.  When she woke up, this was the scene.

Can you see the snot bubble? 

She hasn't had fever so, I'm not planning on taking her to the doctor.  I figure it's either a cold they won't give her meds for or maybe she's teething.  I'm praying she feels better ASAP.  All things considered her behavior was good today except for the late afternoon meltdown.  But I would probably act the same way too if my nose was a faucet, I couldn't eat or sleep, and my mom kept holding me down to suck out my nose.  Oh, the snot.

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barri said...

Just beware of ear infections. When their little noses run like that they usually end up with ear infections as well!! Poor poor baby! No fun for either of you! I hope she gets well soon!