Monday, January 24, 2011

Um, Hello?!

Once again, OVERNIGHT my child has grown and changed. 

 As I type, she is holding a toy cell phone up to her ear and saying (what sounds like) "hi" and "bye."  This is a new thing.

About 20 minutes ago, I noticed she was taller than she was last week.  How do I know?  Because until today she could stand up underneath our dining table (with a bit of room to spare.)  Now, she hits her head. 

Also a new thing today, after my class I went to pick her up (Sarah watched her this morning because Josh was gone) and as we were leaving we were saying "bye bye" as usual, except this time Langley waves and says "bye!"  Like she's grown. 

We've had a good day!  She has felt good and acted so good.  No diaper change freak-out fits or unusual amounts of snot or grumpiness, just a good day!  I am thankful! 

I've started planning her birthday party.  It is so unreal that she will be a year old.  Just unreal.  I haven't cried about it, but I'm pretty sure I will. 

It is so unreal that she is one of the oldest in her nursery at church.  It can not have been 9+ months since we took her in as a 7 week old for the first time.  She is the big girl.  We kept the nursery yesterday and I really did want to cry about it.  But, I didn't.  I snuggled with the teeny tiny babies and watched my daughter in action.

I love my Langley Elizabeth.

I also love that it is almost bedtime :-)

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