Thursday, January 13, 2011

Basketball Update

The Mustangs are 5-8.  If the season ended right now, I would remember it as the year of setbacks.  Injuries, ineligible players, players who don't have heart.  But, there are many more games and I'm praying for a winning season...more wins than losses. 

I looked back at my posts from last year, so much good basketball news,  and remembered that I should be the same supportive wife in victory and in hardship.  I'm afraid I haven't been.  Josh, I'm sorry.  I'll do better.  I'll be a better listener and put my "realism" asside and replace it with optimism when it's my time to talk. 

I haven't been to a game since before Christmas because we are in a long stretch of road games.  I really wanted to go to Springfield tonight, but I have a sick 10 month old and it's going to be around 10 degrees there tonight.  Baptist Bible is the most racist place I've ever been to and I normally get very fired up when we play there.  I mean, one year the student section just happened to dress like "gangstas" and yell "fried chicken and collard greens" when we shot free throws.  I. Was. Hot.  We won, but I was so mad. 

Good story.  Right.

I did read a great article yesterday about Coaches Donovan, Pelphrey, and Grant.  I was sobbing by the end.  I read it again was equally undone.  You can read it here.

Go Mustangs!


eth said...

What a great article. Thanks for sharing and I was sobbing only a couple of paragraphs into it ;)

Becky said...

I can't stand Baptist Bible either. One year the refs tried to let them shoot free throws for a tech they tried to call on our bench WHEN THE GAME WAS OVER.