Monday, January 31, 2011

It's the Last Day of January

and I've been kind of a slacker on the blog recently.  I know all these pictures could have been a couple of posts, but I might just be too lazy for that:-)

 I realized one day last week that Langley had been a vegetarian until that very day.  So, with the first (nasty-looking) bite of "homestyle chicken dinner,"  she officially joined this family of meat-eaters.  I guess I'd just never bought any baby food with meat since it looks pretty grosss, and I'm definitely not preparing meat for baby food.  Plus, since she is still toothless, I'm sure she is missing out on all sorts of wonderful foods other kids her age eat. 

 Langley has seen several family members recently.  She spent the day with Nanna and Pawpaw Saturday and Josh and I went on a date!  Then, yesterday, she and I went to Hot Springs to celebrate Lawson and Cole's baptism with that side of the family.  It was a great weekend!

 I finally put up the baby bathtub and she gets to swim around the regular tub.  She seems to like it, I know it's time to get out when all she will do is try to stand up or put her whole hand down the drain.

 She has really started playing.  As in, she and I can roll a ball back and forth.  Babies are amazing to me.  They grow and develop so fast, (despite their parent's cluelessness!)  I still think pregnancy and babies are so miraculous!

 She is really social and I'm thankful for that!  She seems to make friends wherever she goes.

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